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    Functional Food & Beverages
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About Us

The Science & Foundation

SKLEW BIOTECH was founded in year 2007 as a research powerhouse of functional food & beverages. Our major strengths are in the areas of tissue culture application, fermentation technology, equatorial & tropical herbal application, enzymes making, herbal plantation and plants extraction.

In year 2010, we expanded into contract manufacturing of functional food & beverages to international companies. As of today, we have more than 32 worldwide affiliates in 11 countries.

In year 2012, we have 2 manufacturing plants in Malaysia, and our 250,000 sq ft new factory construction will start soon. Moreover, we own 1 herbal plantation, 1 fermentation center, 1 tissue culture center and strategic partnership with 12 herbal & fruit plantations in 6 countries. We are ready to provide the best products & services to our customers worldwide.

Today, we offer more than 200 types of products to our customers worldwide, please feel free to contact us to explore the opportunity of contract manufacturing to you.

Our Vision

To be the world's biggest contract manufacturer of functional food & beverages.

Our Mission

To provide world's best quality and best value products at the lowest cost to our worldwide business partners.


Today, we provide more than 200 types of products to our customers worldwide.
Please feel free to contact us to get quality product lists that we can contract manufacture for you.

Coffee Series

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Tea Series

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Juice powder

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Beauty Drink

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Meal Replacement

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Cereal Series

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Cocoa Series

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Milk Series

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Read What's The People Are Saying About Us

New Products R&D

“Oleaose Is The Best Stable, Fast App I Have Ever Experienced”

- Theodore Willis

“Keep It Up Guys Your Work Rules, Cheers :)”

- Ricky Grant

Types of Products

Product Lists

Coffee Series

Premium Coffee, White Coffee, Ginseng Coffee, Energy Coffee, Slimming Coffee, Immune-Boosting Coffee, Echinacea Coffee, Ginkgo Coffee, Cordyceps Coffee, Herbal Coffee, Phytonutrient Coffee, Tongkat Ali Coffee, Wolfberry Coffee, Maca Coffee, Jujube Coffee, Guarana Coffee, Noni Coffee, Mushrooms Coffee, Mental Alertness Coffee, Rooibos Coffee & Other.

Tea Series

Functional Rooibos Tea Series, Functional White Tea Series, Functional Green Tea Series, Functional Flower Tea Series, Functional Pu-erh Tea Series, Functional Black Tea Series, Functional Blended Tea Series, Herbal Infusions Series, Functional Oolong Tea Series, Functional Fruits Tea Series, Functional Japanese Tea Series, Functional Earl Grey Tea Series, Functional English Breakfast Tea Series, Functional Assam Tea Series, Functional Darjeeling Tea Series, Functional Chai Tea Series, Functional Organic Tea Series, Functional Decaffeinated Tea Series, Functional Orchid Tea Series & Other.

  1. Mixed Fruits Functional Juice Series
  2. Mixed Vegetables Functional Juice Series
  3. Mixed Fruits & Vegetables Functional Juice Series
  4. Mangosteen Functional Juice Series
  5. Wolfberry Functional Juice Series
  6. Jujube Functional Juice Series
  7. Passion Fruit Functional Juice Series
  8. Berries Functional Juice Series
  9. Wheatgrass Functional Juice Series
  10. Barley Grass Functional Juice Series
  11. Noni Functional Juice Series
  12. Guava Functional Juice Series
  13. Dragon Fruit Functional Juice Series
  14. Acai Berry Functional Juice Series
  15. Apple Functional Juice Series
  16. Coconut Functional Juice Series
  17. Cranberry Functional Juice Series
  18. Grape Functional Juice Series
  19. Mango Functional Juice Series
  20. Sapodilla Functional Juice Series
  21. Grapefruit Functional Juice Series
  22. Lemon Functional Juice Series
  23. Lime Functional Juice Series
  24. Orange Functional Juice Series
  25. Pineapple Functional Juice Series
  26. Pomegranate Functional Juice Series
  27. Tomato Functional Juice Series
  28. Lychee Functional Juice Series
  29. Aloe Vera Functional Juice Series

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Contact Us

For more information and enquiry, kindly contact us.

Sklew Biotech Sdn. Bhd (Malaysia)

+604-7312988 / +604-7307649